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Postal: PO Box 150, Corinda QLD 4075
Phone: 0415 619 524

The advice and guidance given by Amanda Coppa is done with the utmost compassion, care and support, however must be taken as 'GENERAL GUIDANCE' only.

Amanda Coppa is NOT a doctor, professional medical practitioner, legal financial advisor, psychologist, or relationship counselor, however uses her own life experiences, intuition and spiritual teachings to guide her when passing on general advice.

Amanda Coppa's personal sessions are also NOT a generic 'psychic reading' or 'spirit mediumship', however they are a combination of her intuitive abilities, self-development practices and guided spiritual knowledge to assist you in an ethical and heartfelt way.

A crystal healing session offers clientele an opportunity to experience a spiritual healing process. This process is unique to the individual and each experience may be varied. Amanda Coppa does not make any claims that she can cure illness or heal physical, emotional or mental ailments. In saying this, she encourages all clients to seek medical advice from a qualified medical practitioner for all health issues.

Lastly, Amanda Coppa does not accept responsibility for your choices and any actions you take during or after a session as these sessions are 'GENERAL GUIDANCE' only. Please seek professional advice from a qualified expert for specific assistance. If you are struggling with depression or mental health issues, please contact an expert in this field, or seek information from organisations like and